Y not?

Little y is a not-for-profit multi-award winning film and theatre company committed to exploring the power and complexity of marginalized women by starting with the question... y? 

Little y Theatre Company was founded in 2010 by Mischa Ipp, Georgia King and Alexis Davis who's life was tragically cut short after months of collaboration and years of friendship. After 5 successful years producing and performing work for Little y in Perth, Georgia left the company to pursue new creative and producing opportunities, while Mischa continues to lead the company in New York City and internationally. In 2014 Little y FILM was established.

We are currently based in New York City.

We are committed to including women in leadership roles and people from diverse backgrounds in all the work that we do.

In theatre, our passion is to mix the reality of every day living with the surreal world of the imagination to create truly inspired pieces of theatre. In film, we zealously pursue truth, sexy imagery and extraordinary artistry to create moving entertainment.

Since 2010 we have produced 11 plays, toured 3, been nominated for 16 awards and won 7; including a grant to tour Scent Tales around Western Australia. We have produced 1 webseries, 1 documentary and 1 short film since establishing our Film department in 2014.

We create and perform in Alexis’ honour.