Astronauts Wanted (Dixon Place 2017)

Fifteen Minutes to Fly (Completed 2017)

Thread (New York International Fringe Festival 2016)

Then That Happened (Released 2016)

The Great Osterlin Colony (Dixon Place 2015)

Thread (Fringe World 2015)

RabbitHead (The Blue Room Theatre 2014)

Second Hands (Fringe World 2014)

Scent Tales Tour (Western Australia 2013)

The Office of Dead Letters (New York International Fringe Festival 2013)

The Office of Dead Letters (STAGEfest 2013)

Public Space (Fringe World 2013)

Glengarry Glen Ross (The Blue Room Theatre 2012)

Persians (Fringe World 2012)

Slut (The Blue Room Theatre 2011)

Scent Tales (The Blue Room Theatre 2011)