By Aeschylus in a new translation by Aaron Poochigian

Little Daggers, an actor training initiative by Happy Dagger in association with Little y Theatre, brings to the PICA stage the world premiere of the newest translation of the oldest play in history.

As part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights series during Fringe World, a cast of twelve performers will take the audience back to the reasons theatre began – catharsis and connection.

When everything you love has been lost, how do you begin to grieve?

Originally written around 472 BC by Aeschylus, and translated in 2011 by Aaron Poochigian, Persians takes place in Susa, Iran during the height of the Persian Empire. Women and children are anxiously awaiting the return of their husbands, sons and fathers from the largest expedition ever undertaken. King Xerxes has sent every man in the empire to conquer Greece.

They’ve been gone too long…

Under the direction of award-winning Perth actor and director Andrew Hale, the show is physical and raw, connecting the audience to the human experience of grief.

See 300 from the other side.

Directed by Andrew Hale * Featuring Christie Sistrunk, Helen Angell, Maitland Schnaars, Austin Castiglione, Megan Moir, Leon Osborn, Elle O’Connor, Lynsey Trench and Laura Hopwood * Set and Costume Design by Sarah Affleck * Lighting Design by Joe Lui * Music by The Men From Another Place and Adam Burges * Graphic Design by Jon Green * Co-Producers Renee Hale, Georgia King, Andrew Hale * Co-Producer and Publicist Lynsey Trench * Stage Manager Violette Ayad

14 – 19 February 2012