"Truly captivating and delightfully disturbing" Astronauts Wanted

"Deeply satisfying" Thread in New York

“Magnificent, haunting and full of emotional truths” The Great Osterlin Colony

“For dazzling drama interwoven with suspense, history, politics and self-identity, Thread is worth unravelling for yourself.” Thread in Perth

“A creative and entertaining work” RabbitHead

“Second Hands is an intriguing and interesting piece of theatre” Second Hands

“A deeply poetic piece which spoke to a paradoxical comfort found in loss, through universally shared solitude.” The Office of Dead Letters

“A piece like this depends on you achieving an altered state of awareness, and for a good part of an hour it succeeded… the Cultural Centre took a cinematic quality, with passers-by like extras and your senses anticipating some untoward event.” Public Space

“This play has to be as near to a perfect production as one can get…. The acting was amazing. You were left gobsmacked at the delivery of these wild animals in a frenzied feeding pack, their bitchiness, the body language and the unforgiving pace for the full 75 minutes. Fantastic teamwork.” Glengarry Glen Ross

“Fresh, insightful and… well executed.” Persians

“This production is emotionally moving, thought provoking and nostalgically entertaining by turns.” Slut

“A perfectly realised production, its power rising like dough turning into bread in the hands of its cast and creative team.” Scent Tales