"Deeply satisfying" NY Theatre Guide

“For dazzling drama interwoven with suspense, history, politics and self-identity, Thread is worth unravelling for yourself.” The Australian Stage

"Entrancing... Whether playing Mimi or the myriad other characters who flit in and out of the nonlinear narrative, Ipp is consistently captivating" Time Out New York

“Zucker’s writing is dense, sometimes almost hallucinatory, and Ipp is a fine vehicle for it. She’s strikingly beautiful… in a performance of skill and fortitude” The West Australian

"Highly commendable" Theatre Is Easy New York

"Mischa Ipp is a sensational, fearless performer. She is a towering energy that owns the space with a magnetic presence." NY Theatre Guide

“Elena Zucker is a frighteningly intelligent New York playwright… for the audience that is up for the challenge, it pays off in richness of texture, allusion, dense prose-scapes and random observations.” The Australian Stage

"Potent physicality... massive vocal dynamism... [Ipp] transformed expertly through the use of intense visualization." NY Theatre Guide

"Elena Zucker... has brought her thoughts to life through robust, energetic staging and well-crafted moments of emotional depth." NY Theatre Guide

"Ipp's performance is interesting and committed. The myriad of emotions and experiences that she is able to communicate kept me engaged... Ipp forges fearlessly through it all." Theatre Is Easy New York