The Blue Room Theatre and Little y Theatre Company present


Slut by Patricia Cornelius

“The play is strong and delivers a range of forceful messages about society’s perception of women.” Artshub, Four Stars

“This production is emotionally moving, thought provoking and nostalgically entertaining by turns.” Artshub, Four Stars

“…there is rage, humour and insight in equal measure.” The West Australian

Only girls get called ‘sluts’.

Lolita develops early and knows exactly how to respond to the new way boys treat her.
But what happens when she embraces that label? It’s fun…for a while.

Drawing inspiration from a notorious Melbourne nightclub shooting, SLUT, by Patricia Cornelius, is an Awgie Award-winning play that turns the spotlight on the judgements made about women by the media and the public.

Part of Pride Festival 3 -19 November 2011

Directed by Emily McLean * Featuring Georgia King, Sarah McKellar, Nicole Warren, Elizabeth Frodsham, Megan Moir, Chloe Flockart and Alexandra Nell * Lighting and set design by Joe Lui * Original Music by Sian Brown * Poster/Graphic Design * Producers Georgia King, Mischa Ipp and Nicole Warren * Movement Claudia Alessi * Stage Managers Violette Ayad and Rebecca Miller * Recording Engineer Dave Robertson * Bass Rob Findlay * Publicist Thom Smyth


The Blue Room Theatre and Little y Theatre Company present

Scent Tales

“a little miracle… a perfectly realised production, its power rising like dough turning into bread in the hands of its cast and creative team.” The West Australian

“Whatever you do, and whether you’re eight or 80, don’t miss it.” The West Australian

“A total delight, freshly delivered at a pace that never stales, with a side order of baking puns sprinkled liberally throughout, Scent Tales is a short but sweet treat for the senses and sentiments.” Artshub, Four Stars

Inspired by a Nasruddin Hodja story, Scent Tales is a delicious-smelling story of coming to one’s senses.

An eccentric narrator weaves a bittersweet tale of a baker and her sister. Just how much is a memory worth? Would you pay for the smell of a fresh baked bread? Or is it priceless?

Enter the world created by debuting company Little y Theatre, a playful hyper-reality which will stimulate your senses in magical ways.

Be enchanted by the puppetry and poetry, delighted by the baked goods, and seduced by the Love Bread.

Baked my heart into these treats … mixed in my soul.”

Directed by Joanne Foley * Written by the Cast, Director, Corinne Davies and Alexis Davis * Featuring Mischa Ipp, Georgia King, and Rhoda Lopez *Design by Monique Wajon * Lighting design by Joe Lui * Original music by Sian Brown * Photography by Stevie Cruz-Martin * Graphic Design by Joshua Makinda

Special contributions by Mischa Ipp, Alexis Davis and Georgia King (producers) David Hall (publicist), Demelza Rogers (stage manager), Lynsey Trench (production manager), Rebecca Bradley (musician), Dave Robertson (recording engineer), Andrew Hale, Renee Hale, Sanjiva Margio, and Phil Thomson (creative advice)


  • Scent Tales was originally performed in Perth, Western Australia from 28 June – 16 July, 2011

  • and toured Western Australia in 2013

In memory of Alexis Davis … always.