Little y Theatre Company and What She Said present


“Garvey gets to play to her strengths here; she’s funny and quirky… Throughout this gossamery piece we are anchored by Bower’s soothing narration” Perth Culture

“Chris Donnelly’s lighting design is especially pleasing when combined with the show’s other atmospheric elements like disco balls, a smoke machine and the pulsing lights emitted from the girls’ mobile phones.”Perth Culture

“It is a wonderfully stylised work; with a fluffy set and costumes full of colour” The AU Review

“Both Garvey and Ayas give energetic and effusive performances” The AU Review

“a creative and entertaining work” The AU Review

Two girls live in a house. They’re blonde besties. Boys, jobs, roaches…nothing can come between them. They spend their days looking for love apps, five-year planning and trying for the perfect selfie. But things turn sour as life creeps up on them.

A performative response to Barbara Baynton’s The Chosen Vessel, Rabbithead is a darkly comic look at when BFFs attack.

Directed by Ian Sinclair (The Little Mermaid) with a soundtrack by hot local DJ Catlips, produced by Georgia King ( Little y Theatre Company – Second Hands) and featuring Fringe World Emerging Artist Award winner Violette Ayad and Holly Garvey, RabbitHead is a modern day fable that’s more Snowtown than Snow White.

May 27 – June 14, 2014

The Blue Room Theatre
(08) 9227 7005

Director: Ian Sinclair | Producer: Georgia King | Actor, Deviser & Producer: Holly Garvey + Violette Ayad | Set/Costume: Tessa Darcey | Lighting Design: Chris Donnelly | Stage Manager: Elisabeth Strohmeier | Marketing + Publicity: Thom Smyth | Photographic work: Simon Pynt Photography | Videography: Stevie Cruz-Martin Photography & Cinematography

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Little y Theatre Company with PICA presents

Second Hands Poster.jpg

Second Hands

“genuinely funny, genuinely sharp, dinner-table dialogue” The West Australian

“It’s a well-conceived dystopia that allows Fowler to explore greed, vanity, the bounds of friendship and the possibility of love, and he does it with insight and clear vision.” The West Australian

“The dialogue fairly crackles with delicious venom.” The West Australian

“A clever allegory for much of our consumer society, Second Hands is an intriguing and interesting piece of theatre.” Stage Whispers

A new pair of hands is the perfect complement to a woman who exudes self-confidence.

Bolstering professionalism while radiating magnetism, fashion hands add extra panache to any ensemble.

Patrice suffers boredom while serving well heeled housewives. Jayden is desperate for normalcy. Mel finds joy in innocent pleasure. Anna and her husband Otto are stuck in a horrific battle…about canapés.

Written and directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler (Minnie and Mona, Martin Sims winner 2013), developed and performed by Austin Castiglione, Holly Garvey, Georgia King and Renee Newman-Storen, Second Hands tells a delicately interlocking story of suburban ennui, the staleness of monogamy, and the ceaseless desire everyone has for a new pair of hands.

18 – 22 Feb, 2014 // 6:30pm // PICA Performance Space
Origin: WA // Company: Little y Theatre Company

Little y Theatre Company and Rainsworth Productions present

The Office of Dead Letters

"Enchanting" Time Out

"The music may leave you humming on the street." Time Out

"packs a sentimental punch... you hope to find something in your mailbox when you get home" Time Out

"Devised with heart by a group of physically skilled actors"

"The missives provide insight into broken communications and unfulfilled lives spanning the globe and history."

“The Office of Dead letters is a performance guaranteed to invoke spectacular imagery, emotion and performance. It is simply a must-see among new and innovative productions.”

“A piece of the sky fell and cracked my soul in half. “

Watch six quirky-clowny creatures bring dead letters to life; letters that may have been lost at sea, burned by deviants, never sent, only dreamed about or ripped apart – all with one thing in common: they never reached their intended.

With a mix of surreal physical theatre and realistic revelations of humanity you are sure to revel in this journey throughout history witnessing untold stories, heartfelt messages and ridiculous complaints. A metaphor for the collective unconscious of society.

“I am very homesick. I repeat, I am very homesick. This is the worst memory of my childhood.”

Written and directed by Heloise Wilson I Featuring: Gwen Albers, Mischa Ipp, Edan Jacob Levy, Gina Marie Nuzzo, Ron Tsur, Heloise Wilson I Dramaturgy: Mischa Ipp I Devisers: Métushalème Dary, Mischa Ipp, Ron Tsur, Maya Shoef, Meggy Hai Trang, Rebecca Beberaggi, Gwen Albers, Edan Jacob Levy, Gina Nuzzo I Authorised Company Representative: Roselby Sosa I Set and Lighting Design: Niluka Hotaling I Assistant Director: Jake Blagburn

“The Office of Dead Letters” by Heloise Wilson was presented at the 2013 New York International Fringe Festival


  • The Office of Dead Letters was invited to tour to the Ivy League Cornell University in Ithaca in January of 2014,

  • Performed at the New York International Fringe Festival 19th-25th August 2013,

  • and STAGEfest in New Jersey 23rd-24th March 2013

Thank you to Katrina Buesch, Conrad Le Bron, Berdie Nicolai, Nodi Ipp, Kim Nuzzo, Mark Kloster, Sandy Jeffery, Danny Rosen, Gail Bergin, Ingrid Ipp, Katie Frank, Mike Fletcher, Rafael Svarin, Dennis Henriquez, Cormier, Peteuil, Vladimir Stanishev, Alice Allemano, Marissa Carpio, Bill Bowers, Naomi Brockwell, Metu Dary, Gail Lusted, Jo Murray, Varda and Yoel Levy, Caitlin Maruno, Claire Simba, Liora Blum, Michael Ipp, Andrew Fleisch, Karin Fleisch, Hermione Sacks, Stacey Maltin for supporting us!

In memory of Alexis Davis… Always

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights, Little y Theatre Company and theMOXYcollective present


Public Space

“Nothing in the Blue Room’s Summer Nights fringe-within-the Fringe season has been more intriguing than Public Space” The West Australian

"the Cultural Centre took on a cinematic quality, with passers-by like extras and your senses anticipating some untoward event." The West Australian

"stimulating" The West Australian

Public Space is an immersive interactive performance involving visual, sound, physical and textual moments that take the audience through the balmy early evening of the inner city urban hub, asking the audience to engage with their city in a new and unique way. Listen to the city so that we might tell you a story about the unexpected. A familiar car park seen in an unfamiliar way or whispers of sweet intimacies in a stairwell at dusk –you might want to watch out for clues along the path while questioning whether everyone in view might be a performer and the cityscape might be their stage.

Interaction is required and openness desired, so be prepared to become familiar with your Public Space.
Facilitated and directed by Renee Newman-Storen

19 – 23 February, 2013
All shows 7pm
The Blue Room Theatre (meeting place)
Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge
$25 (groups of 6 or more $20)