Little y Theatre Company and What She Said present


“Garvey gets to play to her strengths here; she’s funny and quirky… Throughout this gossamery piece we are anchored by Bower’s soothing narration” Perth Culture

“Chris Donnelly’s lighting design is especially pleasing when combined with the show’s other atmospheric elements like disco balls, a smoke machine and the pulsing lights emitted from the girls’ mobile phones.”Perth Culture

“It is a wonderfully stylised work; with a fluffy set and costumes full of colour” The AU Review

“Both Garvey and Ayas give energetic and effusive performances” The AU Review

“a creative and entertaining work” The AU Review

Two girls live in a house. They’re blonde besties. Boys, jobs, roaches…nothing can come between them. They spend their days looking for love apps, five-year planning and trying for the perfect selfie. But things turn sour as life creeps up on them.

A performative response to Barbara Baynton’s The Chosen Vessel, Rabbithead is a darkly comic look at when BFFs attack.

Directed by Ian Sinclair (The Little Mermaid) with a soundtrack by hot local DJ Catlips, produced by Georgia King ( Little y Theatre Company – Second Hands) and featuring Fringe World Emerging Artist Award winner Violette Ayad and Holly Garvey, RabbitHead is a modern day fable that’s more Snowtown than Snow White.

May 27 – June 14

The Blue Room Theatre
(08) 9227 7005

Director: Ian Sinclair | Producer: Georgia King | Actor, Deviser & Producer: Holly Garvey + Violette Ayad | Set/Costume: Tessa Darcey | Lighting Design: Chris Donnelly | Stage Manager: Elisabeth Strohmeier | Marketing + Publicity: Thom Smyth | Photographic work: Simon Pynt Photography | Videography: Stevie Cruz-Martin Photography & Cinematography

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Little y Theatre Company with PICA presents

Second Hands

“genuinely funny, genuinely sharp, dinner-table dialogue” The West Australian

“It’s a well-conceived dystopia that allows Fowler to explore greed, vanity, the bounds of friendship and the possibility of love, and he does it with insight and clear vision.” The West Australian

“The dialogue fairly crackles with delicious venom.” The West Australian

“A clever allegory for much of our consumer society, Second Hands is an intriguing and interesting piece of theatre.” Stage Whispers

A new pair of hands is the perfect complement to a woman who exudes self-confidence.

Bolstering professionalism while radiating magnetism, fashion hands add extra panache to any ensemble.

Patrice suffers boredom while serving well heeled housewives. Jayden is desperate for normalcy. Mel finds joy in innocent pleasure. Anna and her husband Otto are stuck in a horrific battle…about canapés.

Written and directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler (Minnie and Mona, Martin Sims winner 2013), developed and performed by Austin Castiglione, Holly Garvey, Georgia King and Renee Newman-Storen, Second Hands tells a delicately interlocking story of suburban ennui, the staleness of monogamy, and the ceaseless desire everyone has for a new pair of hands.

18 – 22 Feb // 6:30pm // PICA Performance Space
Origin: WA // Company: Little y Theatre Company