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Thread by Elena Zucker

"Deeply satisfying" NY Theatre Guide

"Entrancing... Whether playing Mimi or the myriad other characters who flit in and out of the nonlinear narrative, Ipp is consistently captivating" Time Out New York

"Potent physicality... massive vocal dynamism... [Ipp] transformed expertly through the use of intense visualization." NY Theatre Guide

"Ipp's performance is interesting and committed... Some of the material is dark, uncomfortable and emotionally challenging, but Ipp forges fearlessly through it all." Theatre Is Easy

From NYC to Palestine, Mimi's world collapses with the inadvertent like of a long-lost love's dissident Facebook status. Identities unravel, as do the boundaries between fact and fiction, Jew and Arab, time and space.

Unresolved romance can ruin your life.

Thread was selected by Indie Theater Now to be published in their 2016 collection of new plays and was recommended by The Huffington PostPlaybill and Show-Score.

Writer/Director: Elena Zucker | Producer/Actor: Mischa Ipp | Set/Lighting Designer: Zach Murphy | Sound Design: Daniela Hart | Original Sound Design: Stephen Cedars I Music: Zach Brock I ACR: Shannon O'Riordan & Djavan Thomas I Photography: Nicole Michaelis I Graphic Design: Metushaleme Dary

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Then That Happened

When life gives you lemons, the answer's in the scrabble.

Then That Happened is a series based on wild and embarrassing true stories and injected with inspiring and empowering perspectives.

After falsely being accused of abusing a minor William escapes to New York City to be with his best friends. Ariana’s maternal yearnings are getting stronger, her boyfriend is not ready and she’s pretty sure she’s infertile. Whilst the ever clumsy actress Tamara, continues to get herself into some dicey (and bloody!) situations.

Then That Happened was nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy (Conrad Le Bron, Mischa Ipp and Adam Boys) and for two Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy awards (Mischa Ipp and SJ Son) at the LA Webfest.

Check out our Behind The Scenes footage here!

CREATED by Mischa Ipp and Conrad Le Bron
DIRECTED by Jeneffa Soldatic
STARRING Conrad Le Bron, Mischa Ipp, SJ Son, Ross Wellinger, Christian Schulte, E. George Perry, Rachel Rath, Kevin Marron, Heloise Wilson
PRODUCTION DESIGN by Kimberly Matela
EDITED by Mischa Ipp
SCREENPLAY by Conrad Le Bron, Mischa Ipp and Adam Boys
POSTER by Metushaleme Dary and Joel Walker