Little y Theatre Company presents


Astronauts Wanted

by Heloise Wilson

"Truly captivating and delightfully disturbing" NY Theatre Guide

"A magnificent piece of writing - it's ahead of its time" NY Theatre Guide

"Director Ciara Griffin has done an amazing job at creating both the outer and inner landscape in the play... every new environment has its own rhythm and and revelations" NY Theatre Guide

"The four performers are electric" NY Theatre Guide

"Loving someone and not being loved in return: This is how wars are started, no?"

Three volunteers, Sol, Sorcha and Tallulah are on their way to Mars and doomed to die.

Inspired by the Mars One Mission which will send the first humans to settle a colony on the red planet, Astronauts Wanted, is a deeply poetic non-linear narrative.

What happens when you get your period in space? How do you have sex in zero gravity? Is it really possible to use the soil on Mars and your own poop to grow a garden of potatoes?

Produced by Heloise Wilson and Mischa Ipp I Directed by Ciara Griffin I Starring Michelle Girolami, Marisela Grajeda Gonzalez, Abby Jud and Edan Jacob Levy I Music by Eric Cormier and Heloise Wilson 

Dixon Place          I            April 26, 2017               I                7:30pm
161A Chrystie St, 
New York, NY 10002

Little y Film present






Fifteen Minutes to Fly by Heloise Wilson

A vow of silence, loss of art and an unexpected friendship.

"In Chicago there is a highway called Lakeshore Drive"

Marine was once a famous DJ. After the death of her mother, she finds herself unable to write music. She moves back into her empty childhood home in the south of France where she meets her new neighbor, an American woman who has taken a vow of silence.

Filmed in Montpellier, France.